You’ve got questions with Dr Karl

We know there are some questions out there about the COVID-19 vaccines.

To help answer some of those common questions, the WA Government has teamed up with Dr Karl for this You’ve Got Questions series, to address the myths about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr Karl is a knowledgeable and trusted voice of the Australian medical and science community, most known for his ‘Science with Dr Karl’ segment on Triple J radio.

Vaccination is a critical issue for Dr Karl – he said that a drop in the number of people getting vaccinated against whooping cough years ago was what motivated him to become a media personality.

“That’s why I got into media – I felt I could do better for the Australian population by telling people to get vaccinated,” he said.

“Getting vaccinated saves lives.”

Watch the full You’ve Got Questions video now, or view the articles below to find information on a particular topic.

Translated versions of the video are also available with captions in 10 languages including Arabic, Farsi, Hakha Chin, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Karen, Simplified Chinese, Swahili and Vietnamese. Select and watch the video in your preferred language on the Translated information on vaccination page.

You've got questions with Dr Karl

Want to cut through the misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines? Dr Karl answers some of the most common questions with good old-fashioned facts.

You've got questions with Dr Karl
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