Vaccine information for people with a disability or require additional support

If you or someone you know needs to access a COVID-19 vaccine, has a disability, and/or requires additional support, including assistance because of a fear of needles, did you know that:

  • Bookings are preferred at all WA state-run vaccination clinics
  • Help is available to make an appointment and to organise a group booking for service providers or groups of people
  • Advice can be provided on which clinics can best support your requirements
  • An interpreter including Auslan can be arranged
  • WA Health can help you get a vaccination if you are unable to go to a clinic
  • In-home vaccinations are available and can be accessed using the Further Assistance Required form or by calling 13 COVID (13 26843) or emailing

About state-run vaccination clinics

The majority of state-run vaccination clinics are able to accommodate vaccination on a bed (laying down); have enclosed/private vaccination spaces where a support person can also attend the appointment and have ACROD bays close to the clinic entrance. Some clinics in the Perth metropolitan area include separate areas with low sensory environments. Therapy dogs can also be requested.

Please let us know if you require additional assistance and we can connect you with a staff member to support you throughout your appointment.

Clinic attendees are welcome to bring anything that supports them, including; noise cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, gaming devices, or any other comfort items.

A post-vaccination treat (juice box, lollipop, or similar) is offered at all clinics, please feel free to bring your own treat if preferred.

If you would like to discuss any specific requirements prior to your visit to any clinic, please complete the Further Assistance Required online form or call 13 COVID (13 26843) and one of the clinic nurses will be in contact with you. You can also use the online form or call the number to request to receive your COVID-19 vaccination at home.

To find the current list of state-run clinic locations visit HealthyWA (external link)

Enhanced access and sensory clinics

Community vaccination clinics at Claremont and Kwinana have been set up to support people with disability, who have mental health conditions, require a low sensory environment or who may need other additional support to receive their vaccination.

To make a booking, complete the Further Assistance Required form call 13 COVID (13 26843), or email and a clinic nurse will be in contact with you to discuss additional assistance needed, allocate extra time for your appointment so you do not feel rushed, discuss what to expect at your appointment, and talk about comfort items you may wish to bring along.

Bookings are strongly recommended for the enhanced access and sensory clinics.

Therapy dogs

Image of therapy dogs at clinics

In conjunction with Animal Companions (external link) we can arrange a therapy dog to attend select clinics. If you are feeling anxious about receiving a vaccination, would like something to distract you or just would like to pat a dog while you get vaccinated please contact us:

Complete the Further Assistance Required online form or;


For support or to ask about in-home vaccinations

Specialist nurses can visit your home to provide a COVID vaccination. To book an appointment:

Disability vaccination hubs

The Australian Government also has established Disability Vaccination Hubs in WA. A number of the hubs have been established in collaboration with disability service providers. The list is regularly updated so stay up to date with the closest location to you (external link).

Getting vaccinated at a GP or pharmacy

COVID-19 vaccinations are also available at participating GPs and pharmacies, to find your nearest location please use the Vaccine Clinic Finder (external link).

Book online or call 13 COVID to book your COVID-19 vaccination