Carramar COVID-19 vaccination community clinic

Carramar Village Shopping Centre, 7 Cheriton Dr, Carramar WA 6031

General Bookings

Bookings for appointments are preferred. Make an online booking for a time that suits you. People with a booking will be prioritised to receive a vaccine at the time of their booking.

Appointments are preferred for 5-11 year-old vaccinations.

Enhanced Access and Sensory Bookings

The enhanced access and sensory clinic at Carramar has been set up to support people with disabilities, who have mental health conditions, require a low sensory environment or who may need other additional support to receive their vaccination.

Please read below for more information and how you can make a booking for this clinic.

  • Free parking onsite
  • Find it here on Google maps
  • For bookings please complete the Further Assistance Required online form or call 13 COVID
  • One of our clinic nurses will be in contact to further discuss your booking and how we can best help meet your needs prior to the day of your visit

This clinic also offers:

Alternate entrance directly to the consult rooms to avoid any waiting time

  • Quiet, large and separate consult rooms
  • Soft furnishings such as beanbags, recliners, and couches in consult rooms
  • Consult rooms with low lighting
  • Parking directly in front of the clinic and is accessible to the clinic (including 3 ACROD Parking Bays)
  • Vaccinations can be delivered in the car for people who may have difficulty entering the clinic. If this is something you would like, please advise the nurse who will contact you to discuss your booking
  • A range of distraction and sensory options including; a TV & DVD player in the consult room, fidget spinners, stress balls and pop its
  • A hoist to support people with mobility issues if required
  • Staff who are ready to support people with a disability, mental health conditions or require additional support

Therapy dogs are available on certain days of the week, including various breeds such as Dudley the golden retriever. Clinic attendees are welcome to bring anything that supports them to attend, including; noise cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, gaming devices, DVDs to play in the consult room or comfort items.

A post-vaccination treat (juice box, lollipop, or similar) is offered at all clinics, please feel free to bring your own treat if preferred.

Book online or call 13 COVID to book your COVID-19 vaccination